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Writing about cats and dogs

2 min readDec 28, 2020


We have two cats- Gustav and Tiger. Tiger is Gustav’s mother. Tiger likes to come on my lap when I am writing. It started recently, we never were close before, she is my daughter's cat.

Why did she choose me? What is she trying to tell me? Why did she start to trust me?

Cats are interesting creatures, they hide their emotions very deep, it is impossible to read them(unless they are angry), they always keep a straight face, even when they are killing their prey.

I don’t want to get attached to them too much as I know that they don’t have long lives. I don’t want to be heartbroken.

We have a dog-Toni, he is a Hungarian Puli, I like him. he is very loyal, protective shepherd, we are his sheep.

I don’t know much about dogs but I am pretty sure that Puli dogs are not meant to live in cities, they thrive outdoors. Open space is their habitat.

Once, we went to a small Hungarian festival in the countryside- a few people, a massive field. At first, Toni got used to the surrounding and then I saw the shepherd nature come out from him, he always was around us, protecting us.

When we went to sleep in a tent, he positioned himself at the entrance of it, guarding our sleep. He never barked, he was quiet but ready for anything.

I think that every household should have a pet, a cat or a dog. They bring compassion in our hearts.

Back to the cats.

They are much more independent, they leave when they want and they come back whenever they like.

They are silent, peaceful assassins. They sit in a garden motionless, watching their next prey happily chirping away on trees. One wrong move and they are dead.

Tiger brings presents to us- dry leaves, plastic backs and any other rubbish.

I wish I could tell here that we don’t need the rubbish in the house but Tiger is a cat and she will do anything she wants to do.

If you are still reading it- thank you.