World War Three Is Here And No One Cares

We live through mass amnesia and ignorance of the historical proportions.




I have a family. I have a dog and cats. I have a job that I don’t really like but I can cope with it. There are hobbies I enjoy. And then there is World War Three knocking at the door. I look around. I look into people’s eyes. I hope that they see it covering the sky but the faces of the passers-by are blank. The passers-by are blinded by the noise of nonsense beaming out of screens of portable devices.

I am terrified. I won’t be able to defend my loved ones when the beast will step over the threshold of no return. I must stay alive to see it through.

The beast is strong. The beast of war is supported by the insanity and apathy of humanity. We wave flags of war. We divide ourselves into the righteous and the wicked. On both sides of the front line.

The beast of war is happy to see our idiocy flourishing on the streets of the bombed towns. It’s not enough that Slavic nations are at the throats of each other, the beast wants the whole planet to burn.

How much blood will need to be spilt on the fields of war until the beast will be satisfied? How much of tears of grieving mothers will it demand?

Why are we like that? Why do we have so much hate towards each other? We forgot that it’s down to us to stop the madness. We forgot that we are in charge. We forgot that we are not cowards. We forgot that we have a spark of goodness within each of us. It’s time to stop pretending and hide our cowardness behind the brave faces of dead soldiers. It’s time to stop pretending that we are useless eaters to the ruling class.

It’s time to remember. The scum that sends your kids to death will never send their own to die. You are nobody for them. You are a number on a statistics chart. Alive today, torn apart tomorrow. The flags you wave are not yours. The flags you wave are made to divide us.

So here we are. Mentally bruised, confused and apathetic. Everything is in our hands. Sadly we forgot that. We think that we are too small to change things.

I feel like I am shouting into the abyss. But I hope that the words of the story will spark a little fire in readers' hearts. Enough already of the madness covering the blue skies.