The Want

2 min readApr 10, 2020


Remember when the internet had no centralized sites?

Remember when you had to follow various links to find what you wanted to find but would end up reading something totally irrelevant to your Search?

Remember when for no particular reason you would find a link to David Icke’s webpage and find out that that we are ruled by lizard people?

Or find out of the structure of LSD?

Or learn that Buddha Shakyamuni roamed the Earth way before Jesus?

Sitting at the PC throughout the night at an Internet cafe, do you remember that?

Everything was wild, inconvenient and exciting at the same time.

Then broadband came and slowly but surely the internet started to become centralized( you know for our convenience.)

The big shots needed to make money because everything with us is about the money, not just pitty change but big bucks.

Why do we turn everything to shit?

Why everything eventually has a pale taste?

Any good idea or invention we turn in the financial commodity.

How far do we need to go to reach what we want?

The problem with the “want” is that it is bottomless well, you fall into it once and you never stop, you just keep wanting more and more.

The system is built on “want”. It has many different names –“progress”, “economical grove”, “ human advance” and so on.

If we won’t walk away from it we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The internet is one example of how we screw things but if you sit and think a bit, I am sure, you will find plenty of examples how we turned good ideas into shite.

Have fun 