The Great Teacher

2 min readJul 9, 2020
Photo by Aubrey Rose Odom on Unsplash

It is falling apart. one bit at the time. it is unstoppable. I see it, feel it, I experience it every awoken moment of my day. I try to prevent the decay by keeping it looked after but deep within me I know that I will lose this battle. Something will give in sooner or later. I feel like a prisoner attached to the rails watching speed train coming towards me. The illusionary chain gives me an illusion of my superiority over my body but that is what it is- ILLUSION!

Most of us even don’t consider the most important moment of our lives, DEATH is unavoidable, she is our best friend, she will never betray us, she knows when to come to see us.

We are running around, keeping ourselves busy, pretending that we are invincible, we are staying in the golden squirrel's wheel, going around and around imagining if we go as fast as possible we will avoid the most important event in our lives. We like to watch a fiction of death on our screens forgetting that we are next in line.

Death is our greatest teacher, the teacher we afraid of, the teacher who could teach a lot but we are too ignorant to accept the teachings. We rather pretend that we know better than her. We build all sorts of toys to take our minds away from the most important contemplation, we look down at old people as they remind us what we will become.

If we would stop pretending that we are immortal and accept the flux of the constant change, we would start to see the suffering of others and ourselves. I believe that we would become more understanding and accepting, we would live much more fulfilling lives. But for now, we will keep distracting ourselves with useless games of immortality.