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Alice was a junkie. Heroin was the drug of choice. She overdosed once and went into a coma. No one came to visit her in the hospital, no one cared. Doctors considered switching the machines off. Only one doctor refused, she felt pity for the junkie. Despite the malnutrition and heroin abuse, Alice was a pretty girl.

The doctor stayed behind to look after the patient. She worried that Junkie won’t wake up.

Months passed. The doctor was on the way home after a long shift at the hospital. Blizzard kept everyone indoors, no Uber came to pick her up…

That’s me

I was invited by Quy Ma to write a small autobiography. I hesitated for a long time, I prefer to tell a story that occurs in my mind than a story about myself.

I was born in two countries simultaneously, the USSR and The Soviet Republic of Lithuania. We had two Capital cities- Moscow and Vilnius.

1974- the year I arrive in a newly built Soviet apartment, that my parents got from the communist government.

The apartment and the school I went to, were built the same year I was born, we were like brothers and sisters of the socialist…

I hit the wall. Not a thing comes to the head to write about. I know the reasons. My daytime job exhausts me mentally. Sometimes I feel how my brain…

Meaning of meaninglessness or the philosophy of making sense

Getting older has many minuses but there are a few pluses. I have a bit more life experience behind me. I am not a philosopher but I like to think about existence from a philosophical point of view. When I was younger I would stick to one ideology and would ignore everything else. I was a punk, then an ultra. After an ultra, I became a biker and after biker, I dived into electronic music and rave scene. When I got tired of the drugs I turned into Buddhism. I spent several years with a western sangha of one of…

I am not a running professional, I have no advice, only a bit of experience.

a man is running on banks of a canal, white building on the other side of the canal.early morning .
Image by Unitea from Pixabay

The morning was overcast but warm. The summer decided to stay with us for a bit longer. Boats on the river, runners and walkers next to it.

The dog is in front of me with a stick in his jaws. He always wins the race. It amazes me how much energy and stamina he has. Running is an interesting exercise, simple but demanding. Physical demand is one thing, mental demand is a totally different story.

Running is an exercise that is cheap to maintain. Sports shoes, shorts and a T-shirt. If the weather is cold, then add a hoody.


Are you the same as me? One day you type out a bunch of stories and the next day nothing comes to mind? Infuriating! No, not really, maybe a bit…

Society is at the breaking point and not many want to acknowledge it

Traffic light showing a green and red man walking apart.

I bet you a cup of coffee if I would start this piece like this — “ End of days upon us!” your mind would go a bit cloudy, disinterested. So I won’t do that.

I was walking the dog and it occurred to me that we live in a “Global Civil War”. It’s still a cold war but a war nonetheless.

There are two main groups (with subgroups within them) of people. Vax and anti-vax. And it doesn’t mean that they only “disagree” on vaccinations, there are more topics they disagree on.

I am not going to discuss which…

The circle of life

Burning hut in the forest.

Madness simmers underneath his eyes. He gives unreasonable orders to his subordinates. The madness is infectious, the subordinates follow the orders, they switched the reasoning off.

They march into the fire of inevitable death. Death by madness. The fear killed their souls, hearts shattered into million pieces.

His hate towards them was unmeasurable. The hate and displeasure killed his soul and turned him into a beast, the beast with good manners.

Smiles outside sneers within.

Then she came. Saw the devastation and the carnage of the living dead. Her type of place.

It didn’t take her long to set the…

Darius Butkevicius

A man, Lithuanian immigrant in the UK. Amateur writer.

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